Best Restuarants in LA

Best restaurants near me. Trying to find best place to eat? Look here!

Finding the best place to eat in a big city can be daunting. With the rise of Instagram foodies and restaurants that make food to only look good online, picking the best place to satisfy your cravings can be near to impossible.


Before the rise of yelp being a food, critic was the most prestigious career in the food world. Holding the power over the restaurant of determining what is good and what is bad. Once yelp and google came around the wannabe food critics have come out of the woodworks and continually trash great restaurants because they have an entitled opinion. With the rising of more credible sources like Eater LA, TimeOut LA, and Thrillist patrons now have access to great lists of restaurants to try.

That’s why I’m starting this blog. I am going on a mission to test these food bloggers reviews and critiques. To tell you who is truly on their game and who is in it for the fame.

Los Angeles is one of the growing hubs of food culture. From the street side taco trucks, hidden old-school Korean restaurants, and towering revolving restaurants overlooking downtown LA is bustling with the bestplaces to eat. Stick around for the coming months as we put food blog reviews to the test and give you the best recomendations LA/SoCal has to offer.